Charles Baudelaire: Biography, Les Fleurs du Mal links

On Wednesday, 9/26, we will be studying Charles Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal in our Stanford class, focusing on the following poems, a brief excerpt from Mallarmé’s “Crisis in Poetry” (Crise de vers), and on Exercise #1 (find it under the “Exercises” category in the sidebar):

“’I love the thought …’” (pp. 18-21),  “The Sick Muse” (24 f.), “The Venal Muse” (26 f.), “The Wretched Monk” (26-29), “The Enemy” (28 f.), “Ill Fortune” (28-31), “A Former Life” (30 f.), “Beauty” (38 f.), “The Ideal” (38-41), “The Giantess” (40 f.), “Hymn to Beauty” (44 f.)

(Note: The page numbers refer to our in-class edition (Oxford World Classics, see under “Schedule of Readings” in the sidebar menu.)

Here are a few useful links for Charles Baudelaire and Les Fleurs du Mal:

A brief, concise biography from the Academy of American Poets website

About different editions and lots of other information regarding Les Fleurs du Mal

Poems (originally in Les Fleurs du Mal) that were condemned

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