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Schedule of Readings

This schedule reflects the reading schedule of the Stanford students in class in the Fall quarter of 2012.  For assignments schedule, please see under category “Assignments” (will be updated throughout the course).

Week 1                                   

 Monday, 9/24                                      Introduction to course

Wilde, “The Grave of Keats” (p. 770 f., also as class handout)

Baudelaire, “Correspondances” (p. 18 f., handout)

Walter Pater, Conclusion to Studies in the History of the Renaissance  (handout, also online under Category “Texts” on our course blog)

Wednesday, 9/26    

Baudelaire, selections from Les Fleurs du Mal:  “’I love the thought …’” (pp. 18-21),  “The Sick Muse” (24 f.), “The Venal Muse” (26 f.), “The Wretched Monk” (26-29), “The Enemy” (28 f.), “Ill Fortune” (28-31), “A Former Life” (30 f.), “Beauty” (38 f.), “The Ideal” (38-41), “The Giantess” (40 f.), “Hymn to Beauty” (44 f.)

Mallarmé, excerpt from “Crisis in Poetry” (handout)

Week 2

Monday, 10/1     

Mallarmé, “Apparition” (see online link under category “Texts” at

Wilde, “The Harlot’s House” (p. 867); “Phèdre: To Sarah Bernhardt” (835); “Impression du Matin” (862); “Impressions” (863f.) [also “Impressions” (865f.)]; Hélas!” (864); Symphony in Yellow” (872);“La Dame Jaune” (873); “The Artist” (900)

Wednesday, 10/3     

Wilde, “The Canterville Ghost” (pp. 184-204) and “The Remarkable Rocket” (pp. 294-301).

Week 3

Monday, 10/8                            Rachilde, Monsieur Venus, chapters 1 to 10 (pp. 1-131)

Wednesday, 10/10                  Rachilde, Monsieur Venus, chapters 11 to end (pp. 131-210)

Week 4        (Please note: this week and next we’ll do an interlaced, comparative reading of Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray together with Huysmans’ Against Nature.)

Monday, 10/15                  Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Preface to (and including) chapter 11 (pp. 17-109)

Wednesday, 10/17                  Huysmans, Against Nature Prologue and chapters 1-10 (pp. 3-102)

Week 5

 Monday, 10/22                  Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray, chapter 11 to end (pp. 110-159)

Wednesday, 10/24                  Huysmans, Against Nature, chapter 11 to end (pp. 103-181)

Week 6

Monday, 10/29                  Wilde, “The Decay of Lying” (pp. 1071-1092)

Wednesday, 10/31          Wilde, “Pen, Pencil, and Poison” (pp. 1093-1107) ; Jean Lorrain, a few poetry selections (TBA)

Week 7

Monday, 11/5                    Flaubert, The Temptation of Saint Anthony, parts I to IV (pp. 9-115)

Wednesday, 11/7                  Flaubert, The Temptation of Saint Anthony, V to end (pp. 116-191)

Week 8

Monday, 11/12                  Wilde, Salomé (pp.583-605)

Wednesday, 11/14                  Excerpts from Wilde’s literary journalism, letters, etc. (TBA, texts will be pdfs on

Week 9                                    November 19-23:  Thanksgiving Recess, no class 

Week 10

Monday, 11/26 

Wilde, “The Portrait of Mr. W.H.” (pp. 302-50)

Mallarmé, excerpts from “Hérodiade” (pdf on

Stéphane Mallarmé, “The Windows/Les Les fenêtres” and “The Azure”/”L’Azur” (see online links on under “Texts” category)

Wednesday, 11/28                  Gide, The Immoralist (read complete novel; it’s fairly short)

Weeks 11 and 12  

Final project workshops and conferences for Stanford students (online students can keep reading and commenting on all posts until the effective end of the course, Monday, Dec 10.


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Text books for the course

We will be using the following main text books in this course:

Oscar Wilde, The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde. Introd. by Merlin Holland.  New York: HarperCollins, 2003. ISBN-10: 0007144369, ISBN-13: 978-0007144365.  Tip: You can buy either the paperback or electronic edition for this course.  If you buy an electronic edition of Wilde’s works (Kindle or other tablet platform), please make sure it’s this one, as they all differ substantially in the texts they include.

Rachilde, Monsieur Vénus.  Ed. and introd. by Liz Constable and Melanie C. Hawthorne, trans. by Melanie C. Hawthorne.  New York: The Modern Language Association of America, 2004.  ISBN-10: 0873529308, ISBN-13: 978-0873529303.

Joris-Karl Huysmans, Against Nature. Ed. by Nicholas White, trans. by Margaret Mauldon.  Reissue ed.  New York: Oxford University Press,  2009. ISBN-10: 0199555117, ISBN-13: 978-0199555116.

Charles Baudelaire, The Flowers of Evil; Les Fleurs du Mal [English trans. facing French original]. Introd. by Jonathan Culler, trans. by James N. McGowan. New York: Oxford University Press, 2008. ISBN-10: 0199535582, ISBN-13: 978-0199535583.

André Gide, The Immoralist Trans. by Richard Howard.  Vintage, 1996. ISBN-10: 0679741917, ISBN-13: 978-0679741916.

Gustave Flaubert, The Temptation of Saint Anthony.  Introd. by Michel Foucault, trans. by Lafcadio Hearn. New York: Modern Library (Random House), 2002. ISBN-10: 0375759123, ISBN-13: 978-0375759123.

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